Hey Stoopid, Being Lied To & Other Stuff

You know when that bottle says Diet *insert beverage* … you will not lose weight by drinking it.  Stop accepting the lie.

You know when you order that pizza with a permanent 50% off deal … it is not on sale, it’s actually only worth half what they say it is. Stop accepting the lie.

You know when a supermarket is telling you “every little helps” … they aren’t at all interested in your savings. Stop accepting the lie.

You know when Theresa May starts promising things that sound a lot like Labour policies … I think you can see a pattern here. Read more


Strong and Stable, Modern Day Propaganda

When BBC interviews start by identifying certain phrases and asking if they can be avoided, you can be sure that means that those phrases are pure marketing talk and hold little in the way of factual claims.

We’ve all heard it, laughed at it, and have created multiple forms of verbal bingo to celebrate this phrase’s use. Theresa May & her conservative marketing department are shamelessly attempting one of the most common tactics to affect the way people think… Read more


Mrs May Day – Examining Theresa May’s Voting Record

Happy Bank Holiday – it’s Mrs May Day!  So we thought it only right to focus on May and her record of voting in Parliament… bearing in mind she claims to want a “fair country for all, not just the rich”.

So, rather than spend a long time rambling, I’m just going to post facts of where she stands on certain issues. All stats have been taken from They Work For You.  Summary provided at the end of each section courtesy of my big gob. Read more

ignorance is their strength - image

Election Time – let’s get opinionated

Without drawing attention to the fact it’s been over a year since the last post (tut!), there are loads of topics to cover right now. With Brexit, council elections and the General Election all on the go, all I need is to find the time to post!

Having never been one to shy away from saying what I think, Election time gives the ample excuse to have opinions, shout them, and stand by them. I have personal ground rules, mainly that I will always try and quantify my beliefs with facts, which sometimes can cause friction because people can’t disagree with a fact (by its very nature), and that really annoys some people!

Another core rule I try and adhere to is to not be directly offensive. Sometimes cheap shots are easy, but rarely are they beneficial.  On the flip side though, sometimes simply speaking a truth can offend, and I will never apologise for offending someone by speaking the truth.  Do I seek out ways to offend people… no! But do I offend people by speaking truth and fact… yes!  If you are easily offended, stop reading right this blog now.

So, what opinionated, fact-based topic can I briefly cover here to finish off my ‘welcome back’ post?

Why is honesty so important?

You would think this is a pretty cut and dry topic… honesty is obviously important so that people can know what is really going on… right? Read more