Hey Stoopid, Being Lied To & Other Stuff

You know when that bottle says Diet *insert beverage* … you will not lose weight by drinking it.  Stop accepting the lie.

You know when you order that pizza with a permanent 50% off deal … it is not on sale, it’s actually only worth half what they say it is. Stop accepting the lie.

You know when a supermarket is telling you “every little helps” … they aren’t at all interested in your savings. Stop accepting the lie.

You know when Theresa May starts promising things that sound a lot like Labour policies … I think you can see a pattern here.

Workers Rights

So, it’s manifesto week and it looks like the ‘Theresa Mays Team’ party will be making a huge lurch to the left to try and take voters away from Labour.  I have been saying this would be their gameplan from the election announcement, first lurch further to the right and steal all the Kippers, then to the Left and steal from Labour.  The only thing we can say for sure about the Conservative game plan is that they aren’t interested in being honest.

It is actually, physically, theoretically and politically impossible to be both Right, Centre and Left at the same time, yet this is how they are pitching themselves.  A political party cannot be “all things to all people”, it is simply not possible, to even promote the belief that they can be is a lie from the outset.  In a nation where the equality divide is so great, you cannot provide a platform that is good for all… someone will get the short end, and it will be the ‘ordinary working people’.

I don’t just assume that it will be the ‘ordinary people’ that will lose out with a continuation of the current government, I am using a great piece of research called ‘recent history’.  Over the last 7 years of Conservative power, standards of living for the ‘Ordinary Working People’ (OWP) have declined, homelessness has risen, public services have been squeezed beyond belief… etc etc the list goes on.   So, to be asked to believe that there has been a radical change of heart, a Damascan epiphany, that a Leopard can change its spots….


I’m really looking forward to dissecting the manifesto’s as they are released, because yes, I am that sad.  It is vitally important that we don’t just listen to the empty rhetoric from any party, we need to look at what they plan to do and also if we “believe it”.

As each manifesto is released the opposing party’s will denounce the promises without even allowing time for it to have actually been read. That is politics, it’s crap, it’s crass and it’s not helpful.  We, as the sensible people we are need to take a more measured approach, after all, we are the people that will actually be affected by these promises. Most of us aren’t rich enough to “just go private” if the waiting list is full, most of us can’t pay for private education is the local academy is rubbish, most of us are not considering our next property investment, but rather choosing which bill can get ignored this month.

This election is a chance, the only chance for at least the next 5 years, to make a change. To redirect our nation away from corporate greed, and towards a people-centred society. Theresa May can say the words, but her actions go in a different direction, she stood on the step of Downing Street promising a tenure for the many, and with a flourish her actions served the few.

Do not accept the lies, at this time when the government says “you are better off in work”, yet it is people in work using food banks and not actually being any better off ‘in work’ – we have to accept we are being lied to and stop listening. Of course, work is better than being unemployed, as long as that work provides a better quality of living, and under the current government that is not the case.  Unemployment numbers are down, great, not. They are down because the rules have been changed and people are forced to take low-paid, unstable work – and then still have to claim in-work benefits because “work doesn’t pay”.

Hey Stoopid, you are being lied to…


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