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How to waste the worlds most important resource

For a long time the world has revolved around the need for power, and along with that the need to control the resources needed to create that power. Wars have been fought, countries have crumbled, empires have been built – all in the rush to control the resources.   Even today when free, clean, sustainable energy is on the table for everyone to revel in, the elite still fight for control. Crazy eh?

While all this scuffling and positioning takes place, I’m not quite sure that people understand what the most important resource actually is, I can tell you right now that it isn’t coal, oil or gas.

The most important resource on this planet today, is the simple allocation of ‘time’.

Why do I class ‘time’ as the most important resource? There are many answers that could fit quite neatly here, but mine is that ‘time’ is the only truly finite resource we really have.

Money, possessions, assets can all come and go, they increase and they diminish – time on the other hand, only goes one way.  It’s pretty straightforward to draw conclusions about how we waste the finite resource of time.

For me personally, I waste too much of my ‘time’ trying to be productive. I work a lot, and in one perspective I also achieve a lot. But when viewing life in retrospect all of that achievement will boil down very quickly into the statement ‘he did a lot of work’.  That is not how I want to be remembered, it is also not how I want my existence to be.

To encompass the existence we have takes more than just doing things well, giving your all to a task. A rich and full use of the resource known as ‘time’ must include sampling the broad wealth of experiences there are to seek out, indeed, the seeking is part of the journey. Now I’m not saying that we should all quit our jobs and take up a simple nomadic life, travelling and experiencing, what I am saying is that the point of life is not the amount of things we can accomplish.  We need to embrace the infinite nature of the universe to truly learn how to make good use of the finite life span we have with it.

It may sound cheesy and a little camp, but the simple act of watching a sunset, of smelling a flower, of hearing children play (without moaning about the noise!) – these are simple experiences that can enrich our lives. The world is literally full of tiny experiences that we should strive to fill our lives with, it is way to easy to just carry on with the routine and bypass the opportunities that surround us.

So the big question, how do we waste the worlds most important resource?
Answer: we simply carry on as normal.

Another incredible waste of time comes through the ‘art of worrying’. We can literally drain ourselves physically and emotionally worrying about things that we cannot change, things outside of our control – these things should just be allowed to run their course. If we are worried about something we can actually affect or change, then stop worrying and do something about it!

Life wants us to carry on as normal, as it counts down it’s minutes and hours until our number is up. And finally, I need to clarify that new experiences don’t have to cost anything, you don’t have to actually go anywhere, you don’t even need to be physically able to move. The only requirement is a willingness to break that routine, stop watching that same show at the same time on the same day. Do something different, something you haven’t done before. If you think you’ve done pretty much everything you can … then learn Mandarin, I bet you haven’t done that. Will learning a Chinese dialect help you in any way? Probably not, but your life with be enriched because of it – that I promise.
Píng’ān yǔ nǐ tóng zài

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