Mrs May Day – Examining Theresa May’s Voting Record

Happy Bank Holiday – it’s Mrs May Day!  So we thought it only right to focus on May and her record of voting in Parliament… bearing in mind she claims to want a “fair country for all, not just the rich”.

So, rather than spend a long time rambling, I’m just going to post facts of where she stands on certain issues. All stats have been taken from They Work For You.  Summary provided at the end of each section courtesy of my big gob.

How Theresa May voted on Social Issues


While appearing open for same-sex marriage, demonstrates an unequal equality record on gay rights. Does not appear to want to remove people’s choice of lifestyle but won’t be amenable if you want to step outside the norm.


Basically, Theresa May is against the EU and doesn’t mind bombing the crap out of places. However, her support of military action is not matched with a desire to do it unilaterally.

How Theresa May voted on Constitutional Reform


Mrs May appears to favour a strong and unopposed Westminster. She is happy to devolve local issues to local government but won’t extend the same privilege to devolved administrations. She appears to value the House of Lords, probably because she see’s herself retiring there after politics has chewed and spat.

How Theresa May voted on Transport


It is quite clear that Mrs May prefers her no interest in transport for the ordinary person. There is an indication that she is happy for the operators of public transport to raise prices regardless of service record.

How Theresa May voted on Housing


With not much to go on here, we can only say that Mrs May is undecided on the housing situation.

So, there you have it and can make of it what you will. It is up to you to research further about what specific MPs actually vote for or against, and I would urge you to do it for your local candidate.  You may be surprised, or you may not… but ignorance is no excuse. It’s easy to check, just click HERE

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