The Grass Is Always Greener

The grass is always greener…

Life’s pretty crap right now eh? Everything just seems wrong, injustice, unfairness, poverty, the list just seems to go on, and on, and on…. 

That is until you actually take a step back and realise that every single one of the monumentally bad things ‘can’ be changed. What would be really dire is if ‘that is how it is and you’re stuck with it!‘. It’s not a matter of perception or even thinking differently, it’s just a really simple choice to open our eyes and see what is really in front of us.

Why today for this post? Well today saw a public call for the resignation of the Prime Minister over yet another “scandal”, this isn’t a post about that though, so I will just trust that you’ve kept up with your current affairs consumption.  This post is about action, about people starting to speak out collectively, about people having a voice and using it.

Just recently I started questioning my local MP (Conservative) on Facebook, he has a public page on there and likes to post positive pictures of him at important meetings and meeting some locals, he even congratulates his team for picking up litter. What he doesn’t do is use the platform to engage in debate, that of course, has to be emailed and will have a 14 day(ish) response time, yet he will happily engage in conversation on his “positive” posts. When I started using this medium to ask questions, I felt like a bit of a ‘troll’, as my questioning was obviously biased about things he was voting for that I disagreed with, however as soon as I remembered that he is elected to represent ME, my troll fears subsided and I actually felt confident about demanding answers.

In the political sphere we are all too often led to believe that the process goes like this:

  1. We vote in an election for our choice of local candidate for MP
  2. They either win or lose
  3. If they win they then take on the official duty of representing us in Parliament (ie. they offer the viewpoints of their constituents)

However, in reality the process goes like this:

  1. As above
  2. As above
  3. If they win, they then follow do what their ‘party’ tells them to do. In exceptional cases they will have a “free vote”, this usually only happens when the Government is confident they will be backed in large numbers.

Your local MP will say what I have just said is untrue, but I can back it up with one single statement:

When was the last time your MP did a “constituency poll” on a topic before deciding his or her stance?  Answer… never.

And here lies the secret sauce that has been nurtured by ruling governments for decades, they have slowly eroded our belief that our opinions matter. And like the silly little sausages we are, we fell for it.  If you  just look at the current Conservative government, since they have been in power they have introduced (not quietly) a lot of measures to ensure that they cannot be challenged. The length a governments term was increased, the ability to remove a government got harder (contrary to the election promise to make it easier to get rid of bad MP’s), public protesting is now an offence if you don’t have written permission (err what?)…. the list goes on, and on, and on….

Now is the time though, that the people have an opportunity to reclaim their voice. Not just because the current government is essentially stitching up everyone and their dog, but because if we don’t, we can’t complain when we really are living in an Orwellian nightmare.

So how can we reclaim our voice and ensure that the grass starts to show signs of green again?

Step One – BE courageous, if you disgree with something make sure you don’t just sit back and accept it.
Step Two – MAKE your MP remember that they represent you. It is not a request it is their job, they are being paid by YOU, to represent YOU.. tell them that.
Step Three – JOIN together with others with similar concerns and issues. By doing steps 1 & 2 you will find like-minded people!
Step Four – EDUCATE yourself on the topics you care about. You cannot rely on the mainstream media to give you rounded facts and arguments, research and learn
Step Five – PERSEVERE through the change, it will be hard, and you will face opposition. Do not be discouraged when people tell you ‘that’s just how it is!

You can make a difference, one person can start something radical, so step out today and make your world a better place, for you, for me and the entire human race (Michael Jackson, 1991)

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