Harry's a wizard

You’re a wizard Harry – the power of the positive word

Imagine if words were like bricks, positive words are made of plastic (think Lego) and negative words are made of the normal stuff that bricks are made of.. you know.. brick stuff.  Now imagine you have to carry all your words in a sack on your back each day, I think you’ll be wanting lots of positive words to carry, less weight innit.

While not having a physical load, words do carry a weight – an emotional, spiritual, real weight. One that you carry each day, minute by minute, hour by hour, and the bad thing is you don’t ever put the load down. The weight of negativity is carried with you throughout your life and affects every decision & every action you make, and I have even worse news, it’s not just your own words that get counted on your baggage total, other peoples words get lumped on as well.

So now we have 2 challenges:

  1. Lighten our self created load
  2. Reduce the amount of 3rd party induced load

Important note in the puzzle, adding a positive does not negate a negative – all it does is create internal conflict. If you’ve ever felt “unworthy” when given a compliment, then you are experiencing this in action. The positive doesn’t quite cancel out the negative, so rather than replacing the hate, you’re just left with a partial word – a decimal word if you will.

Now we get to the bit where I use the post title to solve the problem (I’m good like that).. so how can “You’re a wizard Harry…” help us out?

Warning the next paragraph holds spoliers for the first Harry Potter book/film – if you haven’t seen or read it.. firstly, shame on you, secondly – tough, I’m putting it anyway.

At the start of the Harry Potter series we see a boy, mistreated and abused, with little or no self worth, his surrogate family have heaped negativity on him and he obviously wears this like a suit of excrement. Until one day, his Birthday, when on a remote island, a huge beast of a man (read giant) comes to rescue him – we shall for want of a better name, call him Hagrid (for that is his name).

In the scene that all this happens, Hagrid speaks the most powerful words that Harry will have ever heard – “You’re a wizard Harry” – in an instant, Harry’s life is given purpose, the 3rd party negativity counts for nothing as soon as he realises that his ‘differences’ that have up until that point made him a target are actually the qualities that make him something unique and special. Harry is a wizard, not a boy who lives under the stairs. Harry has a purpose, not just an existence.

The short summary for all of this is that by discovering and believing the positive reality rather than the negative opinions, our sight is narrowed to see what is true rather than what we are told to believe.  Once we are able to view the world and our lives through a filter of unbiased perception we can control what output we decide to deliver, and hopefully, from a place of positivity we will output positivity.

The real world applications are wide reaching, a simple version – if someone calls you ugly, don’t reject that and then settle for “not the most beautiful”, just reject it and live with the reality that you look the way you look. That is the true reality and nothing is going to change that.  If you are burdened by a lack of money, you may have a heap of words you are carrying “poor”, “skint”, “unable to pay” – in this case you need to balance with equal neutralites (oooh big word), you need to be reminding yourself that these physical negatives are merely a snapshot of the huge life you have. At this moment you may not have much, the power to change that rests with you, maybe slowly, maybe really slowly, but set a positive in the mire, “at this time I choose to work towards being more stable financially” – and don’t just say, use that and plan, work, save.

It’s not an easy thing at all, all this balancing, and we’re dealing with something harder to manipulate than “things” and “stuff” – we’re dealing with feelings, emotions and beliefs. Sometimes the burden of negativity can be so cyclical that we can’t even view the situation externally to sort, and then we need to seek external help. That help could come in the form of a doctor or professional counsellor, at other times just a friend or trusted person. What ever it takes, don’t suffer the weight of negativity any longer, get it dealt with and start living a positive life.

To sum it up ‘Turn that frown, upside down”

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